1. things, us

August 25, 6-10PM
The Plan: 600 N Albany Ave
Work by: Abena Motaboli, Aishath Huda, Jules Koreman, Katelyn Patton and Laleh Motlagh


2. Jacob Ciocci: NO TRUE THOUGHTS: 8 Principles for Rich Dynamic Living, Greedy Humpty Opening to Angles, Mental Spirit Magic Mind Scanners, Skater’s Waltz, THE IBM Employee Theme Song, and some new FAMILIARS

August 25, 8-11PM
Soccer Club Club: 2923 N Cicero Ave


3. The First Show

August 25, 4-7PM
STASIAS: 44 E Cedar St
Work by: Susan Kraut, Judith Geichman, Richard Hull, Peter Power, Christina Ballantyne, Meredith Kopelman, Jenny Halpern, Diana Motta, Jessica Zawadowicz, Stasia Lev, True Markham, Tavin Davis, and Noah Hook


4. Hink: Lost Darling

August 26, 6-10PM
Studio Nez: 803 Van Buren St, Oak Park


5. Wild Yams: We, Gather in the Garden

August 26, 12-3PM
The Cre.æ.tive Room: 7034 S Martin Luther King Dr
Hosted by: A.Martinez and Wild Yams


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