1. Chantala Kommanivan: Here After

July 28, 6-9PM
Elephant Room Gallery: 704 S Wabash Ave


2. Andres L. Hernandez: Future Signals / Señales Futuras

July 29, 12-2PM
Reyes (Guadalupe) Park: 821 W 19th St

3. Hans-Jörg Mayer: This Summer Feelin’ Is Gonna Haunt Me The Rest Of My LIfe

July 28, 7-10PM
M. LeBlanc: 3514 W Fullerton Ave


4. Rachel Woolf: Deported: A Family Divided

July 9, 12-4PM
Pueblo Unido Gallery: 6216 N Clark St


5. have you eaten?: Closing Potluck

July 29, 6-10PM
Agitator Artist Collective: 3851 W Fullerton Ave
Featuring: Eden Ames, Anahit Cass, Emilia Chang, Izzy Cho, Zen Evans, Ozni Foxglove, Alonso Galue, Aleksandra Gieryk, Juan Giraldo, Lady India, Mark Nelson, Lexi Regan McDonald Predelus, Ramin Takloo- Bighash, Jayden Valdez, Sarah Whyte, Susie Wong, Eddie Yeung. Curated by Jen Lau..

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