1. Sets. Stationery, Throbbing

July 23, 3-6PM
RUSCHWOMAN: 2100 S Marshall Blvd, Unit 105
Work by: Shinsuke Aso, Krista Franklin, and Stephen Irwin


2. William Estrada: Multiples and Multitudes

July 22, 1-4PM
Hyde Park Art Center: 5020 S Cornell Ave

3. Roxanne Jackson: Candle Holders for the Underworld

July 21, 5-8PM
ANDREW RAFACZ: 1749 W Chicago Ave

4. Water & Air

July 22, 1-4PM
Space & Time: 3307 W Irving Park Rd
Work by: Carris Adams, Elizabeth Allen-Cannon, Anton Auth, Anne Feiza, Sara Grose, Denise Hoover, Micaela Krol, Nico Pliskin, Brett Swenson, Scott Wolniak, and Lucas Yasunaga


5. Black Fire: This Time

July 20, 7-8:30PM
Blanc Gallery: 4445 S King Dr
This reading features Curtis L. Crisler, Charlois Lumpkin, aka Mali Newman, Halima J. Olufemi, and Katrina Washington, along with special guests Michael Warr and Tongo Eisen-Martin.

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