This episode we return to the land of the lost episodes of Bad at Sports. As your friendly neighborhood art world podcasters return to action after a bit of a post EXPO meltdown, we are back in action. And in glorious preparation for NADA NYC we present two fantastic interviews we did in conjunction with NADA in Miami. Art world megaphone jaw dropper, Chloe Wise, breaks down art fashion and how we consume both and the ideas that trail in their wake. Kevin Arrow gets into what is lost as we turn away from Obsolete Media and the joy we can find in rediscovery. Amanda Browder, Tom Sanford, and Duncan MacKenzie split the hosting duties, live from inside a Claire Ashley! Big thanks to Martin for editing support.


Chloe Wise –

Obsolete Media –

Kevin Arrow –

Amanda Browder –


EXPO – Chicago

Martin Ortiz de Taranco –

Tom Sanford –

Claire Ashley –

Image = Chloe Wise from Cultured Magazine

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