The Badlands Art Department

The Badlands Art Department – Jason de Haan and Miruna Dragan

In this episode Duncan visited “Drumheller” in the “Badlands” of “Alberta.” We learn a little about life, love, and the magic that can happen way outside the centers. CONTEMPORARY ART FOR ALL! And natural beauty and leisure for artists!

Jason de Haan is a multidisciplinary Canadian artist working in installation, sculpture, video, drawing, collage, photography, and bookworks. This includes the exploration of uncertain and unexpected spaces, temporal flux, natural phenomena and systems, transmissions, and open timelines, with a focus upon the points at which the invisible and residual reveal their contingencies.

Miruna Dragan’s work responds to observed synchronicities through a broad range of methods and materials, toward a subjective reimagining of archetypal myths and landscapes. Reflecting themes of dispersion and transcendence, both as individual pieces and collectively within immersive environments, her works offer themselves as tools for meta/physics.

Names Dropped:

Corbin Union collaborator: Warren McLachlan. –

Artist from Queretaro: Raphael Rodriguez – – @rafarodriguez_art


Artists in Residence at B.A.D.:

Los Angeles: Brody Albert – @brodyalbert   –

Alberta: Stacey Watson – @staywats –

Alberta: Megan Feniak – @fenny__.__

Alberta: Lindsay Sutton – @henriettaquiltshop


Northern Alberta Artist: Peter von Tiesenhausen  –

Book: Cyclonopedia by Reza Negarestani

Original Image David Robbins, 2014, care of… Contemporary Art Library

Christopher Hudgens