1. Box Box Box Sun Sun Sun

August 1, 1-6pm and August 2, 1-5pm
Circle Contemporary: 2010 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL 60612
Aria Carter, Billie Carter-Rankin, Carina Yepez, Debra Johnson, Elaine Catherine Miller, Hubert Posey, Jacob Mattingly, Renata Berdes, Stefan Harhaj, Ted Hamel, Yae Jee Min

2. Performance Premiere: Ecclesiastés 1:9 by Carlos Salazar-Lermont

July 30, 7-8pm
Chuquimarca: Online

3. Erin Smego: Fast Trash

August 1, 6-9pm
boundary: 2334 W 111th Place, Chicago, IL 60643

4. John Airo & Michelle Graves: The Explosion is Here

August 1, 6-10pm
Agitator: a co-operative gallery: 1112 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

5. Voices from the Front Line: Health Care Workers and the Fight Against Covid

August 5, 2-3:30pm
Haymarket Books: Online
With Ashley Payne, Elizabeth Lalasz, Sarah Jaffee, and Tammera Campbell

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