by Max Morris

Hi-dittle-dee, its the CAKE weekend! Today is the final day of this year’s Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, featuring over 200 exhibitors of the finest comics you can handle. This week, I wanted to feature a piece of work debuting at this weeks festival by a local artist, work that gives a notion of what to keep your eyes out for. Conor Stechschulte, formerly a native of Baltimore, current Chicagoan, creates work with poetic formal heft, melancholy at times but with a sharpness of his wit and humanism. His most recent book, “Tintering”, is previewed below. Go get at it, and go nuts at CAKE!

To see more of Conor’s work, visit here. Hunt Conor down at table 402a during the final day of CAKE, which is held at the Center on Halsted at 3656 N Hasted St from 11am to 6pm. Hope to see you there!