– Max Morris

Well there campers, here is another installment of Sunday Comics, a little late (sorry crew and fans). Today I am joined with some snappy snazz by the radical Lale Westvind, a Philadelphia-based artist known for speed, futureshock, and poetic body horror. I was excited suprised to find Yazar and Arkada while at this years LAABF, and have been following Lale’s work for some time. Take a look below at some examples of Lale’s most recent works.

– Samples from “Mary (Full Title: Joan Doe the Drone Pilot and Mary the Drone)”

“A cyberpunk epic abstraction. Drones overhead! Mary’s life is interrupted when the consciousness Joan the Drone Pilot navigates her and others towards the Air Drone Company™ Temple in the Holosphere to alter the main program’s function.” – Lale Westvind

16 Pages, Risograph, Blue Ink on Pink Paper, Cover is Red on Cream. 7 x 8.5 Edition of 300
Printed in Philadelphia with Fume Room Press

Samples from “Yazar and Arkadas “-

“A woman travels to see her friend, Yazar, a writer, whom know one has seen in months. Yazar reveals the other world and creatures she has discovered by way of the Road Builders.” – Lale Westvind

28 Pages, Risograph Blue Ink on Pink Paper, Two Color Cover on Cream Paper, 7 X 8.5

One can see from Westvind’s work the command she wields over the human form in motion, which flexes and contorts with pure power. I appreciated that Lale sent samples of their recent work as documentations of their printed form- in this form one can see how a classic approach to layout complements the psychedelic nature of the content. While much of the narrative is bizarre and futuristic, Lale still crafts a page spread that can both express the ecstasy and a semblance of story.  Lale has spoken on the influence of underground and Golden age comics illustration- however, her animation background is apparent as one sees the forms in transit across a single sheet of paper.

Both are available for $6 at lalewestvind.storenvy.com, as well as many other incredible comics. You can see more of Lale’s work at a lalewestvind.tumblr.com.