By Max Morris

Howdy folks! This weeks Sunday Comics was a little delayed due to Easter hijinks, but this entry I am excited to preview some books being featured by Andy Rench’s publishing project Believed Behavior. I first became aware of Believed Behavior due to Andy’s curatorial prowess- his first season of releases featured some the sharpest Chicago-based comics-makers, such as Edie Fake, Grant Reynolds, and Jeremy Tinder. I wanted to feature the upcoming season as they currently are running Indiegogo for the 2017 season, which ends in 9 days of this posting. I asked Andy to send me some previews for the the 2017 Season, and he added some words on the artists work.

Kevin Budnik

First up we have a new comic by 2016 Ignatz Award nominee Kevin Budnik. Kevin’s comics explore the small joys and struggles of daily life through witty personal narratives. Kevin’s new comic for Believed Behavior is a story of the lost dreams and insecurities of childhood.

Andy Burkholder

We will also be releasing the third chapter in Andy Burkholder’s Believed Behavior-exclusive series of love letters. “Pretty Smart”, the first part in the series, was included in The Best American Comics 2015, followed by “Thinking of You”. In the latest chapter, “Einstein”, the unrequited narrator morphs into a parrot-speaking lover. “Einstein” might be Burkholder’s strongest narrative in this series about longing, obsession, and the difficulty finding words to explain one’s love.

Margot Ferrick

We are also excited to be releasing a brand new comic by Margot Ferrick. Margot is known for her expressive and poetic narrative style through past works published by 2D Cloud and Sonatina. Her upcoming zine with Believed Behavior takes her trademark style in a more playful and anthropomorphic direction.

Marieke McClendon

Lastly, we are excited to be releasing a brand new comic by cartoonist and illustrator Marieke McClendon. Marieke works in a wide range of styles, often abstract and exploratory and other times revealing her absurd sense of humor. Her new comic for Believed Behavior is a stunning meditative collage narrative.

To see more of  Believed Behaviors past work, please head to their online store here!