This week: THE AMANDA BROWDER SHOW (TM)(R)(C)(WTF) Amanda talks to Judy Blum Reddy!

New York artist Judith Blum Reddy speaks with Amanda Browder about her life as an emerging artist in the 60’s and 70’s in New York (SoHo) and Paris. Her upcoming solo show in Mumbai, India at the Clarke House Initiative called “Mashup” curated by Sumesh Sharma and Zasha Colah. This retrospective covers her work from the early days as a young artist mapping the streets of Paris to her current work which incorporates text, memories and personal mementos. She discusses her run ins with Ana Mendieta, and the women’s movement in nyc in the 70’s and 80’s.

Also Duncan MacKenzie, co-host/founder/dependant of this very program has an art show opening this Thursday at Sector 2337!

2337 North Milwaukee, Chicago, IL. Contract kllers and bounty hunters this is a rare chance to get them both in one fell swoop and there is the added bonus of seeing some Kickass Mackenzie/Kuras art! Be there or be squa..a docuhebag who is dead to us! 7-9 PM.

Christopher Hudgens