Will Brown
This week: San Francisco check in with an interview with art collective/gallery Will Brown.

Will Brown is a collaborative project that currently takes form as an experimental exhibition space in San Francisco’s Mission District. Will Brown is Lindsey White, Jordan Stein, and David Kasprzak.

On February 2, 2013, David Kasprzak, Jordan Stein, and Lindsey White opened the exhibition The Ghost of James Lee Byars: A Retrospective in their space, Will Brown, located in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. The retrospective takes place in a pitch-black room that is itself an installation piece; it purportedly houses both the oeuvre and the spirit of the deceased artist, who declared all of his work to be cancelled upon his death. The absurdity that underscores the exhibition has become a hallmark of Will Brown in the year since its inception. Bad at Sports contributors Brian Andrews and Patricia Maloney spoke with the three collaborators just a few weeks prior to the opening to learn more about the philosophy that guides their singular form of exhibition making, about how the space came into being, and to find out exactly who or what is Will Brown. This interview is part of the ongoing collaboration between Bad at Sports and Art Practical, where you can read an abridged version of their conversation.

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