Chicago! (or rather, Cook County) the Propeller Fund is up and ready for your application. Gallery 400 and Threewalls team up again for the third year in a row to award 15 incredibly lucky people and break everyone elses heart. There is also a slew of workshop and one-on-one opportunities to discuss and learn more about the process throughout the summer. Don’t be lazy!

From the website:

Propeller Fund provides money directly to artists, curators, and groups living and working in Cook County, Illinois, and seeks to support projects that are independent, informal, self-organized, and long-term or short-term. Propeller Fund recognizes that small, informal, and self-organized operations constitute a large catalyst for the creative activity and vitality of the Chicago visual art world. These projects are responsible for much of the complexity and richness in the art community.

Propeller Fund exists to stimulate further growth throughout Chicago; to encourage more varied models; to spread the activities into more diverse areas; to promote the public’s interaction with, and public recognition of such activities; and to spark ambitions beyond current formats.


Artist Tax Workshop

Deadline: August 1st, 2012


UCLA’s 2012 Wight Biennial

MFA-ers in despair over the hard truth of Hennessey Youngman’s new Grad School thoughtz, the Wight Biennial is here to save you. By June 1st.


From the website:

The Wight Biennial is curated and produced by a committee of graduate students in the art department, often in collaboration with students from other departments. The objective of the show is to exhibit this specific group of emerging artists as well as foster an investigative exchange between graduate programs at UCLA and other institutions in the United States and abroad.

 The 2012 exhibition is an exploration of interference as a model for art-making and reception. The glitch, the stutter, the moiré, the illegible palimpsest, the thwarted expectation, and the feedback loop are examples of things that can be understood as interference events or as having arisen from an interference event. The artwork that we seek for this exhibition will be born from, infused with, or generate interference. It will contain a rupture or divergence from the agreed upon language that it appears to use.


Cue the Deleuze. More info here:


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