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First: Duncan talks to Chad Kouri of The Post Family collective about their new space and what they do.

Next: Duncan talks to Shannon Stratton and Elizabeth Chodos of Three Walls about their recent expansion and the six-year-old sensibility within.

Finally: Joanna Topor and Terri Griffith talk about a book. I can’t improve on Terri’s e-mail to me. “The book is called Can You Ever Forgive Me by, Lee Israel. She’s batshit. The book is great.”

Ta-Da! 164 weeks in a row, without fail, what in the hell is wrong with us?

Social Distortion
Lisa Boyle
Western Exhibitions
Shannon Stratton
Chad Kouri
The Post Family
Can You Ever Forgive Me
Lee Israel
Caroline Picard
Naeem Murr
Davey Sommers
Frank Lloyd Wright
Mies van der Rohe
Scott Thomas
Josh Berman
Hungry Brain
The Living Room
Gerhard Richter
Rod Hunting
Coudal Partners
Delicious Design League
JT Nero
David Siren
The Royal Order
Chandler and Price
Scott Speh
Elizabeth Chodos
Cheesy Bunny
Garden Fresh
TinkerTank Residency
John Preus
Material Exchange
ThreeWalls Solo
Tony Wight
Wendy Cooper
Jeff M. Ward
Amy Mayfield
Green Lantern Press
Big Red and Shiny
Tallulah Bankhead
Britney Spears
Lindsay Lohan

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