Bad at Sports Comic

First, Duncan sleepily laments about Richard waking him up at 1 in the afternoon, as this is “early” in McKenzie.

Next: FIGHT NIGHT IS ON PEOPLE!!!! Start training now. Bad at Sports calls dibs on Tony Fitzpatrick to be our collective trainer, you can’t have him.

THEN the main event: This week Anna Kunz drops in to aid Duncan in interviewing Ivan Brunetti about his works (Misery Loves Comedy, Haw, Schizo…) and the collections that he has been publishing with Yale University Press (An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories:Volume 1 and 2.)

Adam Brooks
Industry of the Ordinary
Hyde Park Art Center
Anna Kunz
Ivan Brunetti
James Elkins
R. Crumb
Lynda Barry
Chris Ware
Chicago Tribune
Chester Gould
Little Orphan Annie
Daniel Clowes
Archer Prewitt
Chris Wool
DC Comics
Raw Magazine
Oni Press
Art Spiegelman
Harvey Pekar
Yale Press
Chicago Comics
Comix Revolution
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