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The Show kicks off with Caroline Picard discussing a Three Walls/Green Lantern project that breaks American indie arts ground. A communication resource for art like this country has never seen. It will blow your mind.

ALSO, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Seriously, if you react negatively to the phrase blow job or the f-boom stay the hell away.

Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland (from the Alliance of Pentaphillic Curators) are back, along with Kathryn, Christopher Hudgens in a rare on mic appearance, Duncan, Terri and Serena all providing team coverage of opening extravaganza 2007.

You are mentioned in this episode, seriously, no name drop list this week because you know you are in here, someone is talking about you, maybe something good, maybe something bad, you’ll just have to listen.

Mike B. is back with 28 somethings later.
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