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We set the record straight about our rumored conflict with Gallery 400, although we definitely didn’t like the show they have up right now. We check out the utterly fabulous collection of shows at the Cultural Center. AND to make it total art overload, we go to the MCA and take in an array of shows there too. Also our London branch (Ben Tanner and Christian Kuras) checks in and we get a brief NOVA plug from Michael Workman.

Names dropped:

Barbara DeGenevieve
Marco Castillo and Dagoberto Rodriguez
Alexandre Arrechea
Stephen Balkenhol
Jan Theun Van Rees
Lari Pittman
David Shrigley
Robert Mapplethorpe
Karen Finley
Lorelei Stewart
Anthony Elms
Tony Tassett
Lawrence Seward
Rodney Graham
Stephanie Brooks
Bob and Roberta Smith
David Robbins
Michael Elmgreen
Dana Schutz
Ron Mueck
Juan Munoz
Charles Ray
Peter Halley
Judy Ledgerwood
Julia Fish
Michelle Grabner
Sol Lewitt
Ad Reinhardt
Tom Friedman
Maurizio Cattelan
Matthew Barney
Chuck Close
Kerry James Marshall
Ellen Gallagher

Laura Owens
Robert Smithson
Robert Irwin
Dan Flavin
Dubhe Carreño
Carl Hammer
Stephen Kelly
Carrie Secrist
Natalie van Straaten
Greg Cameron


We interview Gallerist Wendy Cooper, and do some reviews INCLUDING our review of a taping of Unshackled at the Pacific Garden Mission.
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