Duncan and Richard interview James Rondeau, superstar curator and Cecelia Edefalk, superstar artist. We just bought the right to the word “superstar” so we are compelled to use it as much as possible. Stealing liberally from the AIC’s press release bank we now paste the following for your enlightenment.

“The Art Institute of Chicago presents the first solo U.S. exhibition of Swedish artist Cecilia Edefalk as part of its Focus exhibitions of contemporary art. Double White Venus, a series of 12 paintings all titled Double White Venus, will be on view in Gallery 139 of the museum from February 2 to April 23, 2006. Born in 1954, Edefalk draws viewers in by exploring, through repetition as well as innovative installations, the mechanics of making and looking at painted images. Edefalk works slowly and deliberately, in direct contrast to our high-speed, image-based world; she began Double White Venus in 1999 and completed its 12 paintings over the course of nearly 7 years.”

James Rondeau is the Frances and Thomas Dittmer Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, and a damn nice guy. He has overseen the significant growth and expansion in recent years of the Art Institute of Chicago’s commitment to contemporary art.

Brian Andrews our west coast correspondent has really been earning his keep these days. This week he interviews Andrew Bancroft aka the superstar rapper Jelly D. from the brilliant Maximum Wage video.

“The son of an ex-pool hustler and former Catholic nun, Andrew Bancroft grew up in Maine, where he developed an early love of acting and music. Andrew graduated with honors from Wesleyan UniversitySan Francisco in 2000. Andrew’s many film credits include the title role in Gabriel Angel Of The Lord, as well as directing and starring as rapper “Jelly Donut” in Illbilly’s mock music video Maximum Wage . He has many other performance credits, including The Ken and Andy Show and Popcorn Anti-Theater.”

If you don’t go check out your toes will rot off.

Names Dropped: Stan Douglas, Anne Goldstein, James Coleman, Michael Asher, Madeleine Grynsztejn, Jeremy Strick, Claude Monet, A. James Speyer, Philip K. Dick, Robert Gober, Francesco Clemente, Robert Ryman, Sean Scully, Buzz Spector, Suzanne Ghez, Francesco Bonami, Thomas Hirschhorn, Lisa Dorin, Chalres Stuckey, Neal Benezra, Anne Rojimer, James Wood, James Cuno, Kenny Taylor, the all important Bob’s Donut Shop in San Francisco, CA, and more, more, more


Reviews from London, Gallerist Wendy Cooper, maybe some reviews, c’mon I just finished this damn show do I really need to dish about what we have for next week. Sheesh.

Cecilia Edefalk
Stan Douglas
Anne Goldstein
James Coleman
Michael Asher
Madeleine Grynsztejn
Jeremy Strick
Claude Monet
A. James Speyer
Philip K. Dic
Robert Gober
Francesco Clemente
Robert Ryman
Sean Scully
Buzz Spector
Suzanne Ghez
Francesco Bonami
Thomas Hirschhorn

Lisa Dorin
Charles Stuckey
Neal Benezra
Anne Rorimer

James Cuno
Wendy Cooper

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