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Episode 16: Our First Annual Holiday Special

Ho ho ho! We are starting official traditions for our show: the first annual holiday special!!!

And,DON’T MISS IT: Be sure to check out the nice press mention about Bad at Sports in this week’s New City!


Yes, as promised, the holiday special show! Lots of great yuletide music for your egg-nog-drinking pleasure. While the majority of funny, holiday-related songs are Christmas oriented, I did find one fairly obvious and hilarious Hanukkah song, and a song or two that are utterly secular. Sadly, the few other novelty Hanukkah songs I could find were either not funny or offensive in a way that isn’t funny, so the Jewish audience gets one small musical nod of the head. (I tried!)

And, for NEXT WEEK:

Back to the art biz! Death by Design! Damn! And despite the fact that Gallery 400 has worked to sully our good name, we rise above and still give them press, basking the entire time in the soft, warm glow of our moral superiority.

This archive has been taken offline, check in next year for more holiday mirth!

Happy Holidays
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