Libsyn, who hosts our stuff has really been a pain in our collective Bad at Sports ass this week, so many of you tried to download last weeks show had trouble, we’re sorry, they suck, we will beat them up as soon as we can find their offices. Don’t forget to download Episode #10, good stuff!


We really will get back to reviews at some point, but there is just too much to talk about in the interview department! Lou Mallozzi, Executive Director of the Experimental Sound Studio, artist, and educator, talks about the Open Ear Festival of Sound (November 13, 2005 – December 15, 2005) and the 20th Anniversary of ESS! Also, Duncan talks to Jonathan Rhodes Executive Director of Three-Walls about Nato Thompson’s lecture on Art Activist Communities. We talk about why Scott Speh hates Canadians. Duncan and Richard sing a duet!!

If you miss this you will have nothing to discuss around the water cooler next week, loser!

More links to follow!

The Experimental Sound Studio
Mass. MoCA

While we didn’t get achance to talk about it this week, go check out Art in the Abstract, one of a couple really kick-ass shows at the Illinois State Museum, which I honestly had forgotten about until I was blundering around the Thompson Center trying to find a form for something. Okay, city dwellers, all you have to do is get off at Clark and Lake on the Blue line, go up to the second floor, and BLAMMO, kickass Illinois-artist-made abstract art throughout history. Go see this, this is the best use of my tax dollars I’ve seen!!

Illinois State Museum-Art in the Abstract
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