And we thought Fox News had cornered the market on extreme opinions.

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A debate between an Iraqi “Researcher on Astronomy” and a physicist on Iraqi television. This is not the only case of a debate of this nature, and you thought America could fill the 24/7 news cycle with some really odd debates.

New Zealander to be 1st artist to draw in space

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Makoure Scott
New Zealand artist Makoure Scott paid $200,000 for a seat on the inaugural flight of Virgin Galactic.

Scott is expected to be the first professional artist to draw in space.

Scott is a painter and environmental artist who incorporates elements of Maori and Pakeha cultures in his sculptures and paintings.

He paints using materials such as sand, stone and tree gums from the area to emphasize his organic connection to the land. He has exhibited around the world.

Virgin Galactic plans a number of flights out of a spaceport in New Mexico. They will go into suborbital space, about 100 kilometers above the Earth.

Participants will experience weightlessness – and Scott is hoping to draw while weightless.

Scott has gone for early training for the flight with Virgin Galactic and learned his spacesuit will have to be modified to allow for more hand movement so he can draw.

Read more here: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Stunning temples 100 feet below the surface of the Italian Alps

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Hall of the Earth: An amazing room built on the 'supernatural' visions of its creator
30 miles from the ancient city of Turin, lies the valley of Valchiusella. This is the place that Oberto Airaudi startted his excavations and painting in 1977. The temple complexes which were inspired by a childhood dream he had of human civilization at age 10 are so large that they could hold the volume of Big Ben twenty times over.

With the help of over 16 people and twenty years they built it to what it is today. Funding the construction with Oberto Airaudi’s (or Falco as he prefers to be called) income as an insurance broker and multiple local businesses that were set up.

After being investigated for tax evasion by the local police and them finally hearing about the temples they saw them, seized them and have finally opened them for public viewing.

The giant glass dome of the Hall of Mirrors

Read more and see aditional pictures here.

Woman views her own heart on display

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Heart on Gallery Display
by Alistair Strachan of The Fortean Times

Transplant patient Jennifer Sutton paid a visit to an exhibition in London called The Heart today, mainly to check out a particular item on display – her own heart.

Jennifer, 23, from the New Forest, UK, had a heart transplant at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, on 4 June 2007. She lent her heart to the Wellcome Collection for the exhibition to increase public awareness of donation and Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, the disease that would have killed her.

As you might imagine, she found the experience very odd and moving. “Seeing my heart for the first time is an emotional and surreal experience. It caused me so much pain and turmoil when it was inside me. Seeing it sitting here is extremely bizarre and very strange. Finally I can see this odd looking lump of muscle that has given me so much upset. It’s tremendous it has become an object of fascination and will get people thinking about the disease, heart transplants and organ donation.”
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This only could happen in Duncan’s Canada

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Email from Chris from Zeke’s Gallery
Subject: Ridiculousness in Montreal


I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and that you are enjoying the summer.

I am writing to let you know about the latest step in this increasingly bizarre story, I am being charged with contempt of court. The hearing is on June 21 at 9 AM. This is on top of the permanent injunction against my blog, along with a request for $25,000 in damages

If you aren’t certain what it is exactly all about, there is this article from the Montreal Gazette Article about it

As an attempt to show my guilt they are using Google’s cache of my blog post, and they are also saying that the article in the Hour about this case is more proof of my guilt the Metroblogging Montreal post that I wrote about the case is something like the final nail in the coffin. All of which is patently absurd.

If you choose to write about this, please be careful in choosing your words so that you do not get sued yourself, but if you would like to show people what I am being sued for try these:

If you would like the detailed background start here:

and then click here:

If you would like to read what I can’t post, these are the articles that
I linked to in my blog:

And this is the response so far from the blogosphere.


And in a series:

Thanks tons in advance, and I hope all is MUCH better with you than it
is here.

Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand