Chicago Mag names Bad at Sports one of the city’s top sites.

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Chicago Magazine names Bad at Sports on e of the city's top websites.
In February’s edition of Chicago Magazine ( soon to be on newsstands ) they rate the top websites that are Chicago focused and/or based.

Bad at Sports was kindly named and showcased in the Art & Culture category along with other Chicago resources as Sharkforum, Chicago Artists Resource & Paul Kline’s Artletter. Not to forget the personal writings of Edward Lifson, cough, cough.

We thank every listener that has made this possible for the last 2+ years & the editorial staff of Chicago Magazine for recognizing the hard work of a handful of Chicago street punks like us.

In true form we take the recognition with one hand and flip off the establishment with the other hand (minus a few fingers). At least thats what I think the artist handbook decrees, who knows we were never good with rules.

15 thoughts on “Chicago Mag names Bad at Sports one of the city’s top sites.”

  1. Peterzon says:

    Naming Art Letter, Sharkforum and Edward Lifson as the best art websites shows that we have a serious lack of quality art websites in Chicago! Infrequent updates and lunatic ramblings do not make for the best of anything. BAS, though, deserves it. congrats.

  2. Steve Hamann says:

    Congratulations BAS! I’m sure years from now BAS will be acknowledged not just as one of the best arts websites out there, but also for it’s pioneering spirit and format. What I love about the BASers is their commitment to art, but also their ability to not take themselves too seriously.

  3. Balzac says:

    Neat-o, glad to see Art or Idiocy didn’t get named, what a steaming pile that blog has devolved into.

    I am surprised to see Lifson named at all. Is he even doing anything useful for the community anymore? Did he ever?

  4. Richard says:

    I like ArtLetter and Sharkforum, although Artletter isn’t really a web site as much as a news letter, and Sharkforum expands above and beyond the visual arts. BAS and the scattered blogs (like the aforementioned Art of Idiocy? who has not only stricken our name from their links for reasons that are a mystery, has seemingly gone dormant of late). The is also the site is pretty useful although they don’t really do news and reviews.

  5. duncan says:

    Doesn’t Lifson live on the east coast?

  6. coyle says:

    BAS the top art website in Chicago?
    no duh.
    congrats guys!

  7. Yeah, that is really cool about BAS and Sharkforum. You guys deserve it especially. Week in, week out, doing it. SF is and has been in the throes of a site re-org/re-design (you know, all that background stuff which eats up so much time as Chris H and David Roth can attest), thus the recent infrequency. That will change soon. Certainly not our “lunatic ramblings” though. I do think it will get a bit more focused though, hopefully, as WK and I have discussed. Many of the posters are waiting till the re-org ends; we have several new ones on board too. I hope to do more stuff for BAS from Zentraleuropa with my snazzy new recording tech and my partner Lamis. Congrats again BASies!

  8. Audrey says:

    And don’t forget, Flavorpill was on the list too!

  9. Schiht Tauker says:

    BAS could beat Flavorpill down in a fair fight.

  10. Tony Fitzpatrick says:

    I like Flavorpill — they shine a light on stuff that a lot of others don’t– it’s a cool site. It is also great to look at.

  11. Balzac says:

    Agreed! But it would be fun to see BAS involved in a fight with them. Duncan might cry.

  12. Audrey says:

    Ha ha. If you want to set up a (jello) fight between BaS and my merry band of sometime-writers, I’d be glad to comply.

  13. David Roth says:

    Congrats. I’m a flavorpill fan too. Sad that the Mag misspelled Paul’s name – pretty lame really.

    Here’s another local site that’s new and really quite good:

    They port in some national and wire feeds, but the production values and piece mix are really high.

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