Bad at Sports begins the Art Fair Update by chatting it up with the organizers of the Version Festival ’06 in Bridgeport (Edmar, Elise, Matt, Rotten Milk, and Burke). Later, we discuss with Michael Workman the highlights of the upcoming Nova Art Fair. Richard and Duncan end the show with a review of “Covers,” the Oli Watt show at Booster and Seven.

Sorry for the delay in posting I had some technical problems related to my bone-headed-ness.

Version 06
Lumpen Magazine
Booster and Seven
Michael workman
Katrina Kuntz
Raymond Pettibon
Claire Pentecost
Thomas Blackman Associates
ITT Tech
Heaven Gallery
South Union Arts
Bridgeport/Iron Studios
3030 Elastic Arts Foundation
Lou Mallozzi
Lee Ranaldo
Miranda July
Dirk Knibbe
Buddy Gallery
Seth Price
Deborah Stratman
Robert Gober
David Coyle/Gallery 40000
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Jason Robert Bell

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