Episode 688: Jeffreen Hayes

Episode 688: Jeffreen Hayes

Join Bad at Sports Center for a summer-facing conversation with Threewalls Director and independent curator, Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D. We speak with Haynes following the announcement that AFRICOBRA: Nation Time, the second iteration of her recent exhibition at MoCA in North Miami will travel to Italy as an official Collateral Event at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Hayes discusses the process of curating the landmark exhibition, and her intentions for staging a new version in Venice. All this & more on this weeks episode of Bad at Sports Center on Lumpen Radio!

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TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/18-4/24)

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/18-4/24)

1. Maria Gaspar: Speech Acts April 23rd, 2019 6-7:30PM Work by: Maria Gaspar Gallery 400: 400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607   2. Perpetual Motion and the Control Grid: A Nokiawave Primer April 20th, 2019 7-9PM Work by: Jacob Lindgren and Till Wittwer Filmfront: 1740...

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Episode 687: Michael Rakowitz and the Whitney


In this episode we welcome back three long lost friends. We pull Richard Holland and Christian Kuras out of retirement to speak deeply and profoundly about the complexities of museum funding. We visit the studio of Michael Rakowitz to talk about what it’s like to be considered for the Whitney biennial and to choose not to participate. Then to have that choice forced to become a public act and to find the people wanting for a conversation about the future of our museums.

Episode 685: Jacob Ciocci


Happy Spring/ Purim/ Equinox! On this weeks vernal episode, Dana, Brian and co-guest, Jesse Malmed, are joined in the studio by Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad and DePaul’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches animation. We discuss Ciocci’s latest work for his upcoming screening, un-confusingly titled “April fools! Pain is just a Program made by your Mind: the video Program. New Videos made by your Mind by Jacob Ciocci,” taking place April 1st at the The Nightingale Cinema. Ciocci also walks our hosts through the process for creating his award winning “Cloudy Boyz” beer label, and treats them to some very historic Paper Rad history.

Episode 684: Kevin Stuart


This week Ryan (and a conspicuously late Dana) are joined in the studio by painter Kevin Stuart. We discuss the endurance of painting as a genre and Stuart explains the inspiration for his work, which includes everything from anonymous drawings of people on public transit to Tolstoy’s great work of Russian literature, “Anna K.”  We also learn of the artist’s secret pigmentary breakthrough, and some of the Stuart’s upcoming plans for yet-to-be public projects. All this and for sure more on this episode of Bad at Sports Center on Lumpen Radio!

Episode 682: Jenn Dierdorf

Today’s episode of Bad@SportsCenter is a lovey one-on-one conversation with Brooklyn-based painter Jenn Dierdorf. A recovering conceptual sculptor, Dierdorf transitioned to painting a decade ago to reassert fun and frivolity into her studio life. We discuss all the things a vase of flowers can accomplish with the right amount of unction, and the power of solidarity among Dierdorf’s well-anointed Lady Painters.

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/11-4/17)

1. Egle Budvytyte: Intermissions April 13th, 2019 7-8PM Work by: Egle Budvytyte The Renaissance Society: 5811 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637   2. Huong Ngô: In the Shadow of the Future April 14th, 2019 4-7PM Work by: Huong Ngô 4th Ward Project Space: 5338 S Kimbark...


1. Sissy No Fool     April 5th, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Marcel Alcalá Mickey: 1635 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60622   2. Chapter 3: T.U.T’S Room April 5th, 2019 6-10PM Work by: Armani Howard AdventureLand Gallery: 1513 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622   3. Perpetual Help...


1. Throw-Ups and Night-Moves: A Herstory of Chicago's Synergy Crew March 29th, 2019 7-9 Work by: Isela Estrada, Delilah Salgado, Gloe One, Rocio Vargas Rootwork Gallery: 645 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60616   2. Tomorrow Never Knows March 30th, 2019 8-10PM Work by: Adam...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (3/21-3/27)

1. Out of Nowhere March 21st, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Tomasz Szrama, Gabriele Longega, and Vicente Ugartechea Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery: 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609   2. Yvette Mayorga: American Badge of Honor March 23rd, 2019 7-10PM Work by: Yvette...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICS (3/14-3/20)

1. Growing Up March 16th, 2019 7-9PM Work by: Chen Ken-Hou Film Front: 1740 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608   2. Margins, Material, and Metaphor March 15th, 2019 7-11PM Work by: Surabhi Ghosh and Olivia Valentine Heaven Gallery: 1550 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622  ...


1. Roni Packer: P.S. My Favorite Color is Green March 9th, 2019 6-9PM Works by: Roni Packer Slow: 2153 W 21st St, Chicago IL 60608   2. Saila Moon: She Who Has Sinned March 8th, 2019 6-10PM Works by: Saila Moon Pilsen Outpost: 1637 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608   3....


1. Joestine Con-ui: now, now, now! March 6th, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Joestine Con-u (curated by Kyle Bellucci Johanson) table: 3240 N Springfield Ave, No 02, Chicago, IL 60618   2. John Maloof: Sculptures March 1st, 2019 5:30-7:30PM Work by: John Maloof Jean Albano...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (2/21-2/27)

1. Lee Darling: My Venus is in Aries… A Funeral February 24, 2019, 4-7PM Work by: Lee Darling North Pole: 1600 W Sherwin Ave, Chicago, IL 60626   2. Sungjae Lee: The Hair Shop: Whiteyellowwhite February 22, 2019 6-8PM Work by: Sungjae Lee Gallery No One: 1579 N...