Episode 695: Naomi Potter and the Esker Foundation

Episode 695: Naomi Potter and the Esker Foundation


Today on Bad at Sports Center, Naomi Potter of the Esker Foundation drops into the studio with fellow Calgarian, DMack Mackenzie. Potter tells us about exhibitions and programing at Esker, and discusses her work building an arts institution from the ground up. We weirdly ask her to imagine if the B@S team were all babies (which we are), and give a few of our own Chicago art viewing recommendations for this summer in Chicago. We learn what an “esker” is and you can too if you listen to the show!

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TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (6/13-6/19)

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (6/13-6/19)

1. Minsun Cho and Morgan Green: Roaming Metavoid June 14th, 2019 6-8PM Work by: Minsun Choi and Morgan Green Mana Contemporary: 2233 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608   2. Second-Hand June 16th, 2019 1-6PM Work by: Adrian Garcia Orozco and Jennifer Sova Gallery Kin: 6319...

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Episode 694: Alberto Aguilar


I am Alberto Aguilar. For this episode of Bad at Sports I’m joined with Lorelei Stewart to be interviewed by Dana, Ryan, Duncan and co-guest Jesse Malmed. How is Jesse a co-guest? Shouldn’t he be a guest co-host? I have allowed for questions. We are here to talk about my survey exhibition ‘moves on human scale’ (it is not a retrospective) at Gallery 400 which runs through June 15, but may go a month longer. I have allowed for open endedness. This interview will last a little under an hour. It doesn’t need to be a good interview we just need to fill the allotted time. In the recording booth we will have an experience which will be shared with you, the listener. One thing you may not hear as the listener is Ryan getting up in the middle of the recording to get me a can of seltzer water to alleviate an unexpected cough.

Episode 693: BFAMFAPhD and the Pedagogy Group

Open Meeting for Arts Educators and Teaching Artists

How might arts educators gather together to develop, share, and practice pedagogies that foster collective skills and values?

Friday 5/17 from 6-8pm

Facilitators: Members of the Pedagogy Group

The Pedagogy Group is a group of educators, cultural workers, and political organizers who resist the individualist, market-driven subjectivities produced by mainstream art education. Together, they develop and practice pedagogies that foster collective skills and values. Activities include sharing syllabi, investigating political economies of education, and connecting classrooms to social movements.Their efforts are guided by accountability to specific struggles and by critical reflection on our social subjectivities and political commitments.

Episode 691: Goat Island


Bad @ Sports Center fans gets a double-header this week when director Lin Hixon and dramaturg Matthew Goulish deliver on their current performance collaborative Every house has a doorand their formative history with Goat Island performance ensemble. Building from the ground up, Dana and Ryan discuss the acquisition of the Goat Island archives by the SAIC’s John M. Flaxman Library, the ongoing Goat Island retrospective at the Chicago Cultural Center, and their concurrent Every house performance at Regards, in coordination with Chicago painter, Matthew Metzger. This conversation is G.O.A.T.


1. Show Me Yours June 6th, 2019 5-8PM Work by: Brittney Leeanne Williams, Jake Troyli, and Bianca Nemelc moniquemeloche: 451 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL 60622   2. Objects of Desire June 7th, 2019 5-10PM Work by: Kate Roth, Printlab Oliva Gallery: 3816 W Armitage Ave,...


1. Highly Illogical June 1st, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Jason Dunda and Erin Washington Langer Over Dickie: 1309 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60622   2. Cheri Reif Naselli: INTERIORITY May 31st, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Cheri Reif Naselli ARC Gallery: 1463 W Chicago Ave, Chicago,...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (5/23-5/28)

1. Spirit of the Waves May 23rd, 2019 6-8PM Work by: Nelly Agassi Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts: 4 W Burton Pl, Chicago, IL 60610   2. My Last American Dollar Performance May 24th, 2019 6:30-7:30PM Work by: Keijaun Thomas Wrightwood 659: 659...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (5/16-5/22)

1. Mie Kongo and Norman W Long: Without Within May 17th, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Norman W Long and Mie Kongo (curated by Ruth Hodgins) Experimental Sound Studio: 5925 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60660   2. Loa’s Promise May 17th, 2019 8-10PM Work by: Joshua A Dawson The...


1. Danielle Dutton and Laura Letinksy: Reading and Conversation May 11th, 2019 4-5PM Work by: Danielle Dutton and Laura Letinksy Document: 1709 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622   2. Kang Yoo A: i.m.migration - Why we are Here May 10th, 2019 6-8PM Work by: Kang Yoo A...


1. Chicago No Wave May 4th, 2019 7PM-12AM Work by: Jodi Mechanic, Kelly Kuvo, Rose, Jim Newberry, Shane Bugbee Co-Prosperity Sphere: 3219 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608   2. Root & Rise May 4th, 2019 4-6PM Work by: Zuri Washington and Jamila Kinney Roman Susan:...


1. Double Bind April 27th, 2019 3-5PM Work by: Melissa Pokorny and Julia Hechtman Space P11: 55 E Randolph St, Pedway Level, Chicago, IL 60602   2. moves on human scale April 26th, 2019 6-9PM Work by: Alberto Aguilar Gallery 400: 400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607  ...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/18-4/24)

1. Maria Gaspar: Speech Acts April 23rd, 2019 6-7:30PM Work by: Maria Gaspar Gallery 400: 400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607   2. Perpetual Motion and the Control Grid: A Nokiawave Primer April 20th, 2019 7-9PM Work by: Jacob Lindgren and Till Wittwer Filmfront: 1740...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/11-4/17)

1. Egle Budvytyte: Intermissions April 13th, 2019 7-8PM Work by: Egle Budvytyte The Renaissance Society: 5811 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637   2. Huong Ngô: In the Shadow of the Future April 14th, 2019 4-7PM Work by: Huong Ngô 4th Ward Project Space: 5338 S Kimbark...