1. Clarisse Casalino: Pill Bottles Make Terrible Roller Skates

February 10, 5-9PM
PRESS HERE: 410 S Michigan Ave #419


2. David Nasca & Ava Wanbli: Soft Bodies in the Shimmering Mirage

February 10, 5-9PM
Roots & Culture: 1034 N Milwaukee Ave


3. The Nervous Brush

February 10, 6-10PM
Chicago Art Department: 1926 S Halsted St
Work by: Lapras, Ken Shaw, and Walter Myers

4. Erin Margaret & JB Fry: Habitat

February 11, 6-9PM
Produce Model Gallery: 1918 S Canalport Ave


February 13, 6PM
Gene Siskel Film Center: 164 N State St
Work by: Bruce Baillie, Barbara Hammer, Malcolm Le Grice, Frédéric Moffet, Vanessa Renwick, and Sofia Theodore-Pierce


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