1. SaraNoa Mark: 36° 15’ 43” N 29° 59’ 14” E

February 27-28, 12-4PM (by appointment)
Goldfinch: 319 N Albany Ave


2. Katy Cowan: winds glow unceasing

February 27-April 10, 2021
DOCUMENT: 1709 W Chicago Ave


3. 11

February 27, 1-6PM and  February 28, 1-5PM
LVL3: 1542 N Milwaukee Ave
Work by: Lyndon Barrois Jr., Madeline Gallucci, and Zack Ingram


4. Carving Out Rights

February 25, 6-7:30PM
Prison and Neighborhood Arts/Education Project: Online

Panelists include: Renaldo Hudson, Aaron Hughes, Alice Kim, Barbara Ransby and Tempestt Hazel (Moderator)


5. Voices Across Time: Sharing Women’s Experiences of Re-entry

March 3-9, 6PM
Block Museum of Art: Online

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