1. Tiger Strikes Asteroid: It feels like the first time

May 22, 1-4PM
Mana Contemporary: 2233 S Throop St
Work by Carl Baratta, matthew anthony batty, Megan Biddle, Samantha Box, Johanna Braun, Mark Brosseau, Holly Cahill, Cecile Chong, Vanessa Chow, Vincent Como, April Dauscha, Rachel de Cuba, Suzanne Dittenber, Yael Eban, Cait Finley, Rachael Gorchov, Alexis Granwell, Mary Henderson, Jackie Hoving, Olivia Jia, Daniel Johnson, Debra Kayes, Lucas Kelly, Amy Lee Ketchum, Zehra Khan, Nichola Kinch, Julia Klein, Susan Klein, Adam Lovitz, Hirona Matsuda, Nicole Mauser, Samantha Mitchell, Kara Mshinda, Michael Niemetz, Liz Nurenberg, Alex Paik, Norm Paris, Andrew Prayzner, Kari Reardon, Terri Saulin, Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Kelsey Sheaffer, Pacifico Silano, Christopher Ulivo, Luke Whitlatch, Sun You. Curated by Teresa Silva and Holly Cahill


2. Nyeema Morgan: Soft Power. Hard Margins.

May 21- September 1, 2021
table: 3240 N Springfield Ave


3. Hope Wang & Farnaz Khosh-Sirat: The Hunger Will Wake Us

May 21, 1-4PM
Spudnik Press Cooperative: 1821 W Hubbard St

4. Cleveland Dean: Cloth°

May 22, 2021
PAGODA RED: 1740 West Webster Ave


5. Mary Sibande: Unhand Me Demon!

May 22- July 31, 2021
Kavi Gupta Gallery: 835 W Washington Blvd


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