How Does Viagra Affect Male Body?

Erectile dysfunction is a much more common condition than is usually thought. However, this is logical, because few men are ready to openly discuss their problems with potency. Many are embarrassed to do this even on anonymous Internet resources, let alone in talks with friends and relatives. Nevertheless, one cannot hide from the truth, and it is such that every third man over 35 years old periodically encounters some kind of potency disorders, and among men over 55 years old, every second one suffers from erectile dysfunction.
Of course, a man begins to look for ways to cure such an unpleasant disease that significantly reduces the quality of life. And this is good, because the earlier the treatment is started, the more successful it will be. It should not be forgotten that it will also be less costly than if you bring the matter completely to impotence.

The most common erectile dysfunction drug for men of all ages is Viagra. Despite the fact that this is not the only existing means for increasing potency for a long time, men’s trust in Viagra is above all, because this drug is a pioneer in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which literally turned the pharmaceutical market upside down back in 1998.
However, some men who are going to buy Viagra or its generics for the first time are worried if this drug is addictive, they wonder, what if they will be no longer able to have sex without Viagra, and how it can help to achieve stronger erections in general. Some have prejudices against the composition of Viagra, because it is a synthetic medicine that is not based on natural ingredients.

To get rid of these prejudices, you need to understand that the active substance of Viagra – Sildenafil citrate, which was artificially synthesized by scientists from the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer – is designed specifically to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men without fear of developing any addiction, be it psychological or physiological.

Sildenafil acts on the male reproductive system due to its ability to expand the vessels in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which facilitates their increased blood circulation. This is a complex in terminology, but in essence simple process, in which neither the hormonal system of the body nor the psyche are involved. Viagra does not affect libido, because it does not affect the level of sex hormones and is not able to induce desire – an erection occurs only if a man is either sexually attracted or sexually stimulated. For more information on how Sildenafil citrate interacts with the male reproductive system, see I. Goldstein et al. “Oral sildenafil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction”. This document will be useful not only for men facing potency problems, but also for their partners, who often discourage men from treating ED with effective medications.

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