The Dead Hare Radio Hour is a new radio show originating from Poughkeepsie, NY. Focusing on the art/culture/thought/talk nexus, it is broadcast every Tuesday at 5pm (EDT) on 91.3 WVKR, Poughkeepsie, NY. Even better for those of us outside broadcast range, the folks behind the program are making each show available via iTunes, get it right here! Their first episode features interviews with Bad at Sports’ beloved co-leader Duncan MacKenzie, as well as with the kick-ass NY-based art journalist/blogger Carolina Miranda aka C-Monster.

I am lovin’ their whole Dead Hare rationale. Here’s an excerpt from the “About Us” page of their website:

Why ‘Dead Hare Radio’?

We settled upon Dead Hare for a number of reasons.  It is in part an homage to Joseph Beuys and his work 1965 performance “How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare.” The image of the hare (living and dead) has populated works throughout the history of art.   One aspect of Beuys’ piece is the allusion to this presence and, by default, we’re doing the same.

In regard to Beuys’ piece, the homage we’re paying  is to an aspect of that work that Beuys certainly did not intend; the futility of it all.  The futility of discussing visual culture on the radio is our project.

Another appealing quality of the name is its opacity.   For those unaware of its reference to Beuys’ work it renders a fugitive image in the mind of the beholder.  Hare or hair?  Indeed, there’s a strong relationship between the genre of radio station one listens to and the hairstyle one sports on one’s head and we are honoring that synchronicity.

Also, Dead Hare has a lovely semblance of the term “dead air” – a constant reminder to us now we’re on the radio.

The show is produced by artists Christopher Albert (also of MAYKR) and Matthew Slaats. Hooray for art on radio! And double hooray when it’s available for download!

Claudine Isé