1. Pamela Fraser at Golden Gallery

Golden Gallery, generally a crowd pleaser, is putting up another strong show. This round it consists of works on paper by artist Pamela Fraser. The works (from what I could find and discern) are all abstract, hyper-color pieces. Is “eye candy” a bad word in the art world?

Golden Gallery is located at 816 W. Newport Ave. Opening reception is Friday from 6-9pm.

2. Alumni at David Weinberg Gallery

I went to SAIC for grad school, but I don’t believe that gives me a complete bias for SAIC grad work. However, when I see good work from my fellow alums, I got to give it a shout. David Weinburg is putting on an exhibition of “recent” SAIC grad work, including that of Amy Mayfiled, Noelle Allen, Helen Maurene Cooper, & Michael Ratulowski. If you haven’t seen their work yet (which, if you’ve been in Chicago a while, is unlikely) make sure you stop by. If you already know their work, head over for a refresher on why they’re awesome.

David Weinberg Gallery is located at 300 W. Superior St. Opening reception is Friday from 5-8pm.

3. FAIR at Gallery 400

As part of the ongoing exhibitions Art Work and The Free Store, Gallery 400 is hosting FAIR. FAIR is, and I quote, a “two-day local maker and publisher fair” including mini events and presentations by the following participants: Antena, AREA Chicago, Bad at Sports, CAFF, Esteban Garcia, Golden Age, Green Lantern Press, Half Letter Press, Terence Hannum, Harold Arts, Imperfect Articles, InCUBATE, Clifton Meador & Guests, David Moré, No Coast, Onsmith Dog Stew & Monkey Nudd Wine, Pros Arts Studio, Proximity Magazine, Radah & Team, Spudnik Press, Bert Stabler, threewalls and WhiteWalls.

Gallery 400 is located at 400 S. Peoria St. FAIR will be happening Friday and Saturday from noon-6pm.

4. After Before at Swimming Pool Project Space

No more weaving in the Swimming Pool. Now it’s time for time travel. And I quote, “The exhibition subtly bends the space time continuum by making the future seem like the present or even the past. Daniel Baird’s fallen Space Station, Sherwin Ovid’s keenly rendered diamonds and Caleb Charland’s celestial photographs are all in conversation with another moment, another place, another realistic parallel now.” Rad.

Swimming Pool Project Space is located at 2858 W. Montrose Ave. Opening reception is Saturday from 7-10pm.

5. William Eggleston at The Art Institute of Chicago

And I quote, “A key figure of the last half-century, Eggleston is often credited for singlehandedly ushering in the era of color art photography. His motivation was simple and decidedly everyday: ‘I had wanted to see a lot of things in color because the world is in color.'” You cannot fuck with Eggelston. Oh, and HE’S GOING TO BE THERE SIGNING BOOKS!

The Art Institute of Chicago is located at 111 S. Michigan. Eggleston will be signing books from 3:30-5pm.

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