from Little People, a Tiny Street Art Project

from Little People, a Tiny Street Art Project

Ready, set, go:

*The Victorian Poetic Home.

*The story behind Klan-themed Quilts.

*How to practice green visual criticism (via The Groundswell Blog).

*Most major art museums are still dramatically lacking diversity.

*Love, love love this: Little People: a Tiny Street Art Project; see above image for an example.

*Art21 has a really interesting article on the issues that arise when installing and conserving Jenny Holzer’s works.

*White House Canvas: Rachel Somerstein analyzes an overlooked aspect of the White House’s much-buzzed about new art picks: their unusual (for the White House, anyway) emphasis on Abstraction. (Via Hrag Vartanian).

*Eight cities whose future is in serious doubt.

*I’m a Photographer, not a Terrorist! (Via Boing Boing).

*In Malibu, California, someone actually busts out the phrase “go back to the Valley!” in all stupid seriousness. You go, L.A. Urban Rangers!