Spectral Dragging, 2009 from Matthew Green on Vimeo.

Here comes our second installment of Tuesday’s Video Pick where we pick a random video of an artist either talking about their work or video art. I was a little stumped on what to show this week so I put a request for videos up on twitter. Matthew Green hit me back with his video Spectral Dragging. “Spectral Dragging features a shaman-like Figure draped in a foil cloak walking in the desert. In his hand he holds a staff of surveying with which he detects and communicates with variations of himself displaced in time-space. As the Figure walks a circular path outlining a dimensional fold or vortex, our understanding of time and space at this moment and place stretches and bends. The friction between the intersecting dimensions causes a diffraction wake resulting in a hypnotic trance inducing shift in the frequency of visible light.”

For more info check out Mathew’s site.

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