Hey everyone. Sorry about last week, but worry not, I’m back. Now, you may be thinking, “Top 3? What the hell is up with that?” Well my dear guys and dolls, there ain’t a lot to pick from this week, so this is what you get. I’ll make up for it on Epic Gallery Crawl Of Doom night in September, maybe I’ll do a Top 10 then or something. Well, here you go:

1. Toward Ash & Anxiety at Rooms Productions


Rooms Productions is pretty much the only reason I go to Pilsen anymore, but it seems like very few people know about it, which is a damn shame. the place is run by Todd and Marrakesh Frugia, who also make most of the work shown there. This is the only place I’ve found in Chicago that is dedicated to performance work AND consistently shows good work. If you end up in Pilsen, get your butt over to Rooms.

Rooms is located at 645 W. 18th. Opening reception Friday from 8-11pm.

2. Size Matters at Packer Schopf

Picture 1

I said it was slow this weekend, and I wasn’t kidding. But that’s not the only reason I’m listing this closing reception. If you haven’t been by Packer to check out Size Matters, this is your last chance. It’s a great group show of gigantic work. While you’re there, be sure make it to the basement to see Krista Wortendyke’s show.

Packer Schopf is located at 942 W. Lake St. Closing reception Friday from 5-8pm.

3. Michaela Calhoun and Irene Perez at Second Bedroom/Medicine Cabinet


Two for one in Bridgeport! If you happen to be down south on Saturday, head over to Second Bedroom/Medicine Cabinet. Michaela Calhoun’s rocking an installation in the bathroom…erm…I mean Medicine Cabinet. Magpies pecking a face? Sure, why not. Irene Perez has taken over the Second Bedroom with her installation Atlantic O, exploring the big O…ocean that is.

Second Bedroom/Medicine Cabinet is located at 1854 W North Ave. Opening reception Saturday from 7-11pm.

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