We almost never post anything on fashion but my friends Chris Peters and Shane Gabier who do the clothing line Creatures of the Wind are the cover story for this weeks Reader.

via Heather Kenny for the Chicago Reader:

“It was unseasonably chilly in the basement of Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier’s Humboldt Park two-flat-or maybe it just seemed that way, since they were unpacking clothes and accessories from the 2009 spring/summer collection of their line, Creatures of the Wind. Some of them looked a little worse for wear-straw hats smushed, fringe tangled-but the men were nonplussed. The items had just come back from a New York photo shoot for W magazine, the monthly Conde Nast fashion glossy, which has slated a profile of the designers for March. That’s considerable editorial coverage for a brand that’s less than a year old.”

Read the entire article here.

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