The Third Coast International Audio Festival recorded their conference and is available for download.

via The Third Coast Audio Festival

“Have a couple dozen hours to spare? We have just the thing for your ears. Earlier this fall, 350 producers from around the globe joined us in Evanston, IL, for pure audio/radio immersion at the 2008 TCF Conference. For three days straight we listened, we learned, we discussed, we celebrated and yes, we even sang. Presenters included NPR veterans, established sound artists and talented college students, and came from all over the U.S., Canada, Germany and even as far away as Rwanda. Sessions ranged from the pragmatic to the philosophical, offering concrete information, creative inspiration and worthwhile provocation. We invite you now to “attend” the Conference from the comfort of your office, living room, car, gym, or…wherever your ipod takes you.” Download the conference here.

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