This Week

This week we interview Chicago gallerist Wendy Cooper. Then the BAS team reviews new shows at the Renaissance Society (Yutaka Sone’s Forecast: Snow) and the Hyde Park Art Center (4-Reel). Amanda checks out more shows on her own, and–possibly the most exciting segment of the show yet–Duncan and Richard go to see Unshackled, recorded live at the Pacific Garden Mission.

Names Dropped

Wendy Cooper
Yutaka Sone
Renaissance Society
Unshackled Radio Show
John McKinnon
Art Institute of Chicago
Tony White/ Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Three Walls
Whitney Biennial
Fracesco Bonami
College Art Association
UW-Madison Art Dept.
Armory Show
Art Basel Miami Beach
Hyde Park Art Center
4-Reel Exhibition
Marie Krane Bergman
Cream Co.
David Coyle
Sasha Earle
Leah Finch
Howard Fonda
Bill Gerhard
Jaysen James
Michael Kiresuk
John Photos
Edgar Allen Poe
Yayoi Kusama
Lawrence Rinder
Bill Brown
Alison Ruttan
Steve Reber
Hamza Walker
Brian Taylor

We will interview the fine folks of Corbett vs. Dempsey and artist Alison Ruttan. Although I doubt we’ll have time for both in one week, we’ll see what happens.

Also, next week, we start a war with someone! YEAH! This whole Bad-at-Sports-declares-peace-with-everyone thing is crap. Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_25_Wendy_Cooper.mp3

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