UN World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty for the Protection of Broadcasts and Broadcasting Organizations

September 12, 2006 · Print This Article

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I am sure everyone recieves those emails where the alarm is sounded and people are told something is in the works you need to weigh in on, only to dig a bit deeper to find it is a dead issue from 1974. I hate when that happens probobly more then most and try to vet things as much as any 1 person can. Thats why when I tell you this is a serious issue I hope that rings true.

The UN Treaty here that is being passed around for final inspection if ratified will change the way that copyright is interpreted and handled as much (and in many ways more then) the Millennium Copyright Act that basically neutered public domain for the rest of your life and most of your children’s. The many points to this treaty can be found here, but the biggest crux is that if ratified it will encapsulate all copyright and creative commons work with an additional “broadcasters copyright” which will force any user of IP to get in writing the ok of not only the IP owner but the corporation that broadcast it (in absolutely any media format) before they can do anything to it, even index it, and this is an extremely important point for everyone but more so Podcasters.

This is something that shouldn’t pass and needs a public death to put a freeze in this kind of singular interest lawmaking. The people who are pushing this Treaty the hardest is the US and we don’t all agree on it. If we pull the treaty will die. Please read the document and the abstract and decide for yourself if this is something you would want to have law. If not please contact your representatives in your own fashion or go here and fill out a form to direct it to the correct individuals. This is important, the vote is in 2 weeks.

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Come And See Us Live!!!

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Thursday, September 14, 6pm
Chicago Cultural Center, 1st Floor Garland Room
78 E. Washington Street., Chicago

Artists and cultural producers discuss how their podcasts, forums, blogs and festivals are bringing new intimacy and openness to Chicago’s art scene. Panelists include: Richard Holland, Duncan MacKenzie, Amanda Browder from Bad at Sports; Ed Marszewski from Lumpen, Version and Select Media Festival; David Roth and Wesley Kimmler from Shark Forum.

Episode 54: Kick off 2006!

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Amanda and Richard talked to loads of folks in the Peoria Street area for the 2006-2007 season kick off, maybe even you! Lots of people you know or have heard of get drunk and say embarrassing things! Awesome!

Also, Brian Andrews sets the world straight on how totally fucking stupid Burning Man is. MTV owns you, you sad, sad west-coasters who have more money than imagination, fuck the pre-packaged and throw your own damn party.

Damn, the Touch and Go party was mind blowing.

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New Art Czar to bring Money Back to Chicago Schools, In Talks With Drug Czar

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New art czar, David Roche, has been hired to turn the public school art crisis around. The funding for the arts is so bad that his own pay is a byproduct of donations from a committee made up of CPS, local arts and philanthropic representatives.

Mr. Roche has stated plans to create a “No Child Left Behind” in the arts which conjures all sorts of odd images.

Images that the children will draw in crayon durring their 8 min art classes each school day. Think pictures of sad children with sad houses under a sad green sky with factories off in the distance that pour smoke day and night made from the burning of art, childrens dreams & unicorns, yes unicorns with rainbow manes.

I wish him all the luck possible with this new position and have started the stopwatch counting the minutes till he leaves for a better job where they have things called “budgets” “money” & “hope”.

Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin has Died

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‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin has died.

The wildlife presenter was filming a documentary off the coast of Australia this weekend when a stingray attacked him, using its poisonous barb to pierce his chest.

According to reports, paramedics flew out to the Great Barrier Reef to treat him but he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Steve has left behind a wife, 42-year-old Terri, and two children – eight-year-old daughter Bindi and his son Bob, two. Along with a multi-million dollar wildlife empire.