1. Jurassic Warp

May 8, 7:30-9:30pm
Ground Level Platform
With KT Duffy and María Luisa Sanín Peña


2. Samantha Cabrera-Friend: Artist Talk

May 8, 3-4pm


3. OTVReruns x 6018 North: Border’d, United States of Aliens, FOBia

May 8, 8-10pm
With Aalisha Sheth, Adrian Nuno and Andrew Nuno, Lauryn Lugo, Nikkita D, and Priya Mohanty

4. Suspension Galleries- Virtual Exhibition

Phase 1 starts May 9
Work by: Adele Hink, Alexandra Hernandez, Carla de Jesus Jerez, Claudia Bernacki, Craig Langworthy, Dorian Viktor Grey, Denny Nunez, Halle Castille, Hannah McHugh, Iris Stratman, Jan Simonds, Jel Martinez, Jen Wawro, Joey Peterson, Joseph V Jernigan, Louise Bean, Maja-Lisa Flodin-Ali, Maya Halko, Mikki Jay, Sandra Atsugi, Shahzaad Raja, Sid White, Sofia Alfaro, Sol Pablo Lopez, Sophie Quillec, Sumire Skye Tanai, Symantha Jones, Trevor Shaw, Virgo Batty, Wrick Otterwothe, Zane DeBord & Zoop

5. Paint with Leslie Baum

May13, 2pm
DePaul Art Museum


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