1. Primes: Drawings, Works on Paper, and No-Watt Radio

April 2, 2017, 2-6PM
Work by: Dan S. Wang
Compound Yellow: 125 N Harvey Ave, Oak Park, IL, 60302


2. It’s Just Color

April 1, 2017, 2-5PM
Work by: Cassie Tompkins
Comfort Station Logan Square: 2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647


3. Rooted

April 5, 2017, 6-9PM
Work by: Pierre Gonnord
Instituto Cervantes of Chicago: 31 W Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60654


4. Taking Turns: Stories from HIV/Aids Care Unit 371

March 30, 2017, 6:30-8:30PM
Work by: MK Czerwiec
DePaul Art Museum: 935 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614


5. Property

April 1, 2017, 1-3PM
Work by: Enrique Alvarez Aguilar, Anthony Amoroso, Oscar Arriola, Katarina Balunova, Stephanie Barto, Crystal Beiersdorfer, Katina Bitsicas, Brytton Bjorngaard, Patrick Brady, Nicholas Burrage, Harald Busch, Bleu Caldwell, Craig Calhoun, Erin Kyle Danna, Sage Dawson, Leigh Anthony Dehaney, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Germán Leonardo Díaz Bedolla, Daz Disley, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Gary Duehr, Nir Dvorai, Shereen Elbaroudy, Nevien Emam, Francisco Miguel Escamilla Lo?pez, Julio Fascinetto, Jessica Fenlon, Brent Fogt, Diana Saraí Gallardo Cruces, Mona Gazala, Amber Ginsburg and Katie Hargrave, Saúl Godoy Villaseñor, Ryan Goh Wenxian, Lily Guillen, Keeley Haftner, Erin Hayden, Thomas Hellstrom, Samuel Hernandez, Mauricio Herrero, Daniel Hojnacki, Rowan Howe, Pawel Grajnert, Olga Guse, Nina A. Isabelle, Layne Jackson, Amelia Johannes, Colleen Keihm, Dave Kennedy, Kiril Kirchev, Thomas Kong, Zuzana Krizalkovicova, Allison Lacher, Joanna Lake Erenberg, George John Larson, Laverack, Nora Moore Lloyd, Angela Lopez, Oscar Lopez Flores, Rebecca Lothan, Francesca Marcaccio López, Diana Marcela Ancona, Matt Martin, Angus McCullough, Mike McDonnell, Richard Medina, Nohemy Monserrat Muñoz Boy, Athira Nanda, Jamie Naqvi, Alexandra Nelson, Patricia Sarahi? Ojeda Trejo, Hidir Ok, Ghaku Okazaki, Andre Pace, Will Pergl, Cristian B. Pichardo, Michael Robert Pollard, Tim Porter, Peyton Rack, Mark Regester, Pat Reynolds, Carly Ries, Jeff Robinson, Travis Roozée, Scolbio B. Scolb, Rory Scott, Danielle A. Scruggs, Larry Shure, Corey Smith, Elena Solomon, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Kinga Syrek, Gloria Isamar Valadez Becerra, Betsy van Die, Cedric van Eenoo, Elizabeth Vande Griend, Angelina Voskopoulos, Marta Wapiennik, Susanne Wawra, Julie Weber, Lauren Wilkins, Ce?sar Gabriel Zamora Veloz, Xiaoqing Zhu, and others
Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society: 7363 N Greenview Ave, Chicago, IL 60626


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