Wonder What the Painting Brad Pitt Bought Looks Like?

June 10, 2009 · Print This Article

Brad Pit Basel09Wonder what the painting Brad Pitt bought looks like? Well search no farther, the Oil on Canvas by Neo Rauch entitled “Etappe” which sold for just under 1 Million USD is pictured below. I know there are strong feelings on either side of the fence with this but the early narrative on Basel this year seems to focus on “Buy! Cause everything’s on sale and Europe hasn’t seen a fire sale like this since Dresden.” This only continues that take.

Neo Rauch's "Etappe"

Neo Rauch's Etappe

Read more everywhere but also here Also thanks to Britton Bertran for the heads up, Perez Hilton though? Really? 😛

5 Responses to “Wonder What the Painting Brad Pitt Bought Looks Like?”

  1. I had heard that Samron and Lilo were getting back together and I had to find out. Some days I feel like I reach the end of the internet.

  2. I have a report from Basel Art Fair to appear on BaS, needs to be edited.

    I have mixed info about sales so far, but Basel had 1200 applications to be in the main fair (for c. 300 spots), to say nothing of the satellites, so a major crisis it ain’t.

    I walked past Brad — saw a few other celebrities. So what. Go up to St Moritz and you can see hundreds every day of the ski season.

    I have never seen anything in Rauch beyond what was already the best part of R B Kitaj — he just gets the “we want a German and preferably an East German” bonus brownie points from German collectors and state money sources.

  3. Claudine Ise Says:

    I was wondering if you were going to be covering Basel for BaS, Mark. I am looking forward to hearing this!

  4. […] odwiedziÅ‚ dzisiaj targi sztuki w Bazylei (Szwajcaria). ZakupiÅ‚ (za prawie milion dollarów!) obraz “Etappe” niemieckiego artysty Neo […]

  5. […] to know what is going on at Basel besides Brad Pitt and his new Neo Rauch? Check out what Art Fag City is checking out here, here, and […]

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