Tuesday’s Video Pick | Emily Lacy’s Temples of the Mind at LACMA

December 8, 2009 · Print This Article

Preview: Temples of the Mind at LACMA from Emily Lacy on Vimeo.

On this week’s pick we bring you a preview to a performance by Emily Lacy at LACMA. I am heading out to LA in the next couple of weeks for the holiday and am really psyched if I can check this out. Lacy will be in residence at the Pavilion for Japanese Art over December and January where she will be performing a piece entitled Temples of the Mind. Lacy has stated that, “throughout this process an entire album will be recorded on-site at LACMA, mysterious radio transmissions will be available over the internet, and mystical reckonings will occur inside a tiny Hermit’s Cabin, where performances transpire for just 1 to 2 people at a time. I hope to create something like a sanctuary, a fountain of sound shooting skyward, for your very own two-month temple.”

Unframed, LACMA’s blog, recently interviewed the artist about why she choose that specific location, her process, and work with Machine Projects.

LACMA: Why did you choose the Pavilion for Japanese Art as a site for your performance?

EMILY: It just feels like a very meditative space. It’s a circular, organic space that you can really get lost in. One day I was sitting in there on one of the decks, kind of on the edge of the space, and I felt like I was inside a canyon looking down. I just fell in love with the space. It feels like a place where something’s supposed to happen, but it’s not exactly clear what that is. The building is performing.

LACMA: What is it like working in a museum space like this one?

EMILY: People come here to have an experience. I feel that, as artists, part of our job is to continually question what that experience is and to add to it through our own work. I’m creating an environment; it’s a visual, sonic, social environment. And it’s constantly being transformed.

To read the rest of this interview please visit Unframed’s site.

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