New COAGULA Available

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Issue 96 of COAGULA is now available for download. This issue has an interview with L.A. based Painter Asad Faulwell.

“COAGULA began as a freely distributed tabloid magazine in Los Angeles and New York in1992. A stack of the magazines could be found by the front door of a dozen or so galleries on each coast.”

For more information check out COAGULA’s site.

3 thoughts on “New COAGULA Available”


    “The exhibition examines the contemporary vague of reduced figuration as a strategy for producing a vitalism outside established narratives” 00

  2. Russell — I absolutely LOVE your quotation — and most of all the “typo” of “vague” for “vogue” which makes it one of the best criticisms of trendy art description I have ever read! “examines the contemporary vague of …”

  3. Unbelieveable, it’s in the original. I just checked the site link you gave Russell! You were really just quoting — I thought you had altered it for fun. Talk about a “freudian”-type slip on the part of the curators.

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