In this week’s roundup Jerry Saltz threw down with Glenn Beck, Ikea changed their font, and a show flake out from Kara Walker turns into a (revenge) piece. Have a good weekend.

Jerry Saltz challenges Glenn Beck to a curatorial challenge.

Ikea switching over to Verdana.

“Who Wants to Be the Future of Arts Journalism?” Uhh, we do!

RT artnetdotcom A flake-out by Kara Walker becomes an example of email-correspondence-as-art

This slide is just so wrong. via @boingboing

Boot Print Volume 3 Issue 1 is now available online.…

Columbia (A Journal for Literature and Art) has a call out to design a sign to inform people of nuclear dumps. @pruned

Ed Ruscha is a recipient of a 2009 National Arts Award.

Plural Blog has a teaser for the 16th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

RT @ThirdCoastFest Save the Date! 2009 TC Awards Ceremony coming up October 23. Radio gets glamorous…

Betsy Sussler has an interview with Cindy Sherman on @art21.

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