Episode 200: Reviews

June 28, 2009 · Print This Article

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Gaylen Gerber at Rowley Kennerk Gallery

432″ Gaylen Gerber at Rowley Kennerk Gallery

This week Bad at Sports celebrates its 200-th episode by getting back to the known- Review-o-rama. We welcome guest reviewers Tony Tasset and Lori Waxman to take the pulse of Chicago’s west loop.

Banff Center
Christian Kuras
Frances Stark
Stuart Bailey
Brad Pitt
Pat Benatar
Lori Waxman
Toni Tasset
The Art Institute Modern Wing
Lisa Dorn
Lawrence Weiner
Eva Hesse
Richard Serra
Jerry Saltz
West Loop
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Liliana Porter
Richard Tuttle
Dietrich Wegner
Next Art Fair
Megan Green
Dana Degiulio
Kavi Gupta
Clare Rojas
Barry McGee
Pennsylvania Dutch
Carl Hammer
Jon Wessley
Claire Sherman
Adam Scott
Scott Anderson
Andrew Rafacz Gallery
Bucket Rider
Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Rhona Hoffman
Marcus Harvey
Kent Dorn
Tony Wight
Steven Husby
Judy Ledgerwood Honeypot
Pop Sizzle Hum
Pamela Fraser
Jasper Johns
Carrie Gundersdorf
Allison Skullnip Hobo Clown
Jacco Olivier
Timothy Hutchings
Allison Schulnik
Thomas Robertello Gallery
Sarah Hicks
Peter Barrett
Victor Vasserlley
Ken Price
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Mel Bochner
Chris Wool
Sol Lewitt
Blah Blah Blah
Gaylen Gerber
Rémy Zaugg
Scott Reader
Daniel Buren
Rowley Kennerk
Dutes MIller
Philip Von Zwek
Hans Bellmer
Carol Jackson
Joiel Dean
Amy Vogel
Deb Sokolow
Western Exhibitions

7 thoughts on “Episode 200: Reviews”

  1. Balzac says:

    Great show! From the intro music to the rambling intro to the particularly snarky reviews, good stuff. It is nice to see a return to reviews. You should do them more often.

  2. Mary Antonakos says:

    I like to hear the reviews too, and I don’t think they were snarky, more like on the mark. It’s important to keep the galleries on their toes, especially during the so called slow summer group show period.

    More seriously critical reviews and discussion can only be a good thing, keep it coming.

  3. blah blah blah…everything old is new again.

  4. You should be an art critic RM!

  5. factchecker says:

    fyi, clare rojas is married to barry mcgee, so that there’s a good chance he created that ‘out of place’ face you all noticed. . .

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