Chicago in a Soap Bubble

August 31, 2009 · Print This Article

515400460_73b5acc354I’m utterly entranced by these “polar panoramas” — 360 degree panoramic images assembled to form a circular image that looks like a tiny planet. There’s a whole Flickr group devoted to polar panoramas, along with the related “Create Your Own Planets” pool. The resulting images hold the same sort of magical fascination for me as do snow globes or the insides of mechanical time pieces. Behold, a few images from the Flickr pool, (there are too many gorgeous ones to pick from, so I’ve chosen only those panoramas based on images taken in or around Chicago – click directly on the image to be taken to the photo’s original Flickr site). Can I go live inside one of these for awhile, please?







One thought on “Chicago in a Soap Bubble”

  1. Paul Germanos says:

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?

    + + +

    Locally, Nathaniel Smyth:

    …played a few games with stitching, and mapmaker’s projections–building little continents and polyhedrons from Chicago [urban] landscape photography.

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