Jerry Saltz's Facebook commentsYou gotta love being friends with Jerry Saltz on Facebook.  I’m not friends with Jerry Saltz IRL (In Real Life), but who isn’t friends with him on Facebook?  And here’s why:  32 Comments in 53 minutes to a question that I myself am already exasperated with  (Bad at Sports Episode 85)!

Meanwhile, there are only 23 other Google Reader Feed Subscribers to Cory Arcangel’s Delicious posts.  Here’s some of the gems that guy has drolled up from those internets:

a disturbingly accurate art history lesson from jmb courtesy of Battlestar Galactica

this is totally unreal

Old Nytimes story about an all latin listserv in the 90’s. wicked.

this is some serious next level stuff (thx jonah)

johannes p osterhoff gets his shield on

Kurt Cobain Hot Water Bottle Cover

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