THE ARTWORKS Details from The Internal Slipping Out into the World at Large by Mariele Neudecker and Arrival at 2AM by Lead Pencil Studio (top left, top right); Lequita Faye Melvin by Roy McMakin and Without Room by Lead Pencil Studio (bottom left, bottom right).

The short of it (and trust me this is hard to boil down) is that a art duo out of Seattle by the name Lead Pencil Studio had been accused of “copycatting” other Seattle and International artist’s work.

As can be seen in the photos two of their pieces have similar themes and executions. Does this imply intelectual theft, plagiarism, imitation, adaptation, or pastiche. How far can a work go in copying, what is original thought and more importantly (albeit I am sure more inflammatory in art circles to ask) which executed the concept better?

There is an ever increasing news article and discussion on the topic that can be found here what do you think?


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