Informative Video of Duncan’s Homeland

January 7, 2008 · Print This Article

From everyone at BaS we all wish the King of Canada the best on now being part of North America and with his work to restore the National Parliament Igloo building.

4 thoughts on “Informative Video of Duncan’s Homeland”

  1. Bill Dolan says:

    Canada for statehood!

  2. Richard says:

    They do have a lot of useful national resources and have a tiny population by comparison, we could take them. Although much of Canada makes Chicago seem toasty by comparison…and hell half of Canada has moved to Chicago, maybe they are invading the US and we just aren’t smart enough to notice!!!

  3. Bill Dolan says:

    You may be right. While we’re so busy trying to figure out which change agent is ahead in the presidential race, they’re slipping in the back door. Hell, since the F-15s have been grounded, Canada’s responsible for guarding Alaska. They may have already annexed it. Has anyone heard from Alaska lately?

  4. Screw statehood. I want the US South to secede again, we encourage them to go, then the rest of us join as provinces of Canada. Then we can actually have a social system.

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