Episode 167:Art Fag City is Paddy Johnson

November 9, 2008 · Print This Article

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This week the blogosphere unites! Duncan checks in with Paddy Johnson the author of the wildly popular New York art blog, Art Fag City.

Art Fag City is as relevant as Eric Fischl. New York art news, reviews and gossip.

Trivia of note. This week Duncan asks a question that shatters all prior records for length clocking in at a breathtaking 2:51!

Guinness will be sending people to confirm the record.

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Art 21
Derek Guthrie
New Art Examiner
Rosalind Krauss
Hal Foster
Relational Aesthetics
The Guggenheim
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Columbia University
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Kunsthal Rotterdam
Eric Fischl

11 thoughts on “Episode 167:Art Fag City is Paddy Johnson”

  1. Megonli says:

    Probably one of my favorite episodes. Nice work Dunco.

  2. amytalluto says:

    the perfect comingling of my favorite internet art critics! really great. thanks!

  3. Content notwithstanding, why do some people look familiar?

  4. Thom Duffy says:

    Duncan: I am enjoying your interview with Paddy Johnson but I feel the need to correct both you and Paddy. You said and Paddy agreed that nothing happened in the American Art work during the 1930s – you did mention the WPA artists an that important project but you both should know that the American Modernist movement (1915 – 150) is the strongest and most important period of art in America and is recognized world wide. The are several art dealers and collectors that only collect American art form 1920 to 1930. I am a painter who is inspired by Arthur Carles, Thomas Hart Benton, Marsden Hartley – just to name a few. I am hoping the artists of today will find a similar creative spirit in our contemporary hardships such as the market crash. Thank you for a stimulating conversation. Yours, Thom

  5. Christopher says:

    Best show in a long time, something for everyone. Great work.

  6. coyle says:

    great show…duncan, although you sound a little stuffy, you did a swell job.

  7. Excellent! Too many specifics to applaud. I’ll simply say I enjoyed it all, listened intentively to both of you. Good show.

  8. Paddy says:

    Thom: This is just a rephrasing of what I said on facebook but for everyone else: The statement is problematic I agree. Though grounded in the economic realities artists faced, it does not acknowledge the progress made during that time. Point well taken.

  9. Paddy,

    Thanks, but I was referring to you.

  10. pedrovel says:


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