Episode 155: William Powhida/ Pete Fagundo

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William Powhida
THE AMANDA BROWDER SHOW: Amanda and Tom talk to artist William Powhida, about coke, naked girls, and even some talk of art. Bad at Sports get added to William’s enemies list.

Next: Duncan presents a lecture by Pete Fagundo at Dan Devening’s space.

THIS FRIDAY: GardenFresh closes their space at 119 Peoria with a final show//event, come check it out!

William Powhida
Pete Fagundo
Andrea Blum Hunter
Cooper Union
Dana Schutz
Venice Biennale
Columbia University
Zach Feuer
Gavin Brown
Larry Gagosian
Raymond Learsy
The Drawing Center
John Powers
Sam Orlofsky
Terence Koh
Sofia Coppola
Brett Easton Ellis
Matthew Ridley Corbet
Marc Jacobs
P. Diddy
Paris Hilton
Dash Snow
Paige West
Renegade Craft Fair
Benjamin Brock
Cincinnati Art Center
Dale Chihuly
Platform Gallery
Ralph Waldo Ellison
Johnny Cash
Walk the Line
Morris Louis
Bob Dylan
Martin Scorsese
Allen Ginsberg
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20 thoughts on “Episode 155: William Powhida/ Pete Fagundo”

  1. mark creegan says:

    oh yes, this is a good one. There were many things Pete said with which I can relate and Powhida is always a trip!

  2. hamlett says:

    damn that faulty recorder,
    that interview was going really well, amanda’s been putting in the good work lately.
    maybe amanda could get richard and duncan to act out the rest of the interview that was lost.

  3. browderbooty says:

    yeah, i do like to play puppet master at times…although i would like to give a big shout out to Duncan and Richard for pulling together our last show before our 3 year marker. It’s a happy day that we have some how kept this project alive and growing. What is even more cool, is the collection of peeps that have helped us push this project forward with success and valor! We have finally made a scratch at archiving a section of the art world for 3 years. Small as it is, it’s a feat of awesomeness. Congrats pals! We are so close to the 3 year hurdle, don’t trip!

  4. tom sanford says:

    not only do i umm and stutter, but i am also as giggly as a little school girl, but at least william and amanda sounded good.

  5. Can I be crass here? I need to hear an interview with Peter Saul, can you make that happen Bad At Sports?

  6. tom sanford says:

    i am a huge peter saul fan. i would love to interview him. i am pretty sure he has a place in upstate ny, but he seems to come to the city from time to time. browder and i will be on the case!

  7. tom sanford says:

    i am a huge peter saul fan. i would love to interview him. i am pretty sure he has a place in upstate ny, but he seems to come to the city from time to time. browder and i will be on the case!

  8. Saul would be a great interviewee. He has shown at Leo Koenig and David Nolan and elsewhere. You’ve got connections to Leo — maybe he could arrange it? Hey Tom — I missed you in Europe. I take it you got too busy (as usually happens to me in nthe US).

  9. tom sanford says:

    yeah mark, he did a show with leo a couple of years ago and i have met him a bunch of times, but was always too nervous to talk to him much, i just gushed about being his biggest fan. he did do a little drawing in a sign in book at my last show, so i got that framed and actually have a peter saul drawing of my very own! anyway, i am sure i can get in touch with him via anyone of several channels. btw, i wasn’t in europe yet, my show in brussels is in december.

  10. Cool! Maybe I’ll still see you then! By the way, I don’t think your repetitions on some beginnings comes off as stuttering — in fact it gave me the impression that you were genuinely enthusiastic about the work and about art in general! And that’s not a bad thing! That and Amanda’s ability to be humorous without cynicism make for a really great “we are enjoying art” sound.

    I know how you feel about Saul — I always feel that way when I talk to Gene Colan. I also felt similarly recently when I had some correspondence with William T. Wiley and he sent me an authographed book and stuff. It is nice to be all grown up and profi and all and still have the joy of being overwhelmed by enthusiasm and appreciation.

    William Powhida was quite interesting. Can I sign up to be your “enemy”? I’d love to get trounced in a drawing. I’d definitely nail you back in a Cover painting and then make a T-shirt out of both for each of us.

  11. coyle says:

    dear BAS peeps,

    hey great show. i always prefer episodes of artists talking about art. anyway really enjoyed this one…interesting pairing too. powhida’s and pete’s work are extremely different on many levels, but both spoke about their projects openly and honestly. worked well together. good stuff.

    happy 3 year anniversary!

  12. tom sanford says:

    GREAT NEWS- Peter Saul has agreed to do the interview and so once Amanda gets back from her 3 month bid in LA (assuming good behavior) we will get the great master on tape and hopefully have it done by late fall!!

  13. WOE! seek and yee shall find… Could I have a bavarian cream and an iced coolata with that. I look forward to the interview. I was in Austin TX. while Peter Saul was teaching there. His house was on our walk to the food co-op. His wife is a ceramicist, or so I was told by one of his students. One of her pieces resided in the yard clearly visible from the road and looked to be a giant figurine of a North American beaver in overalls. If you are able to, could you inquire about it? I mean did I just imagine this, it was Austin in the 1990s after all. Thanks again to the peoples of Bad At Sports and Happy Birthday!

  14. Amanda…L.A….Hermosa Beach…. Pettibon?

    Political Corect Blondeau Fine Art Services (Geneva, Switzerland)
    September 18 – October 25, 2008…Peter Saul…Pettibon…
    coincidence/synchronicity? You decide.

  15. and the show includes:
    Abdessemed, Burden, Cattelan, Charlesworth, Clark, Cline, Fox, Hesidence, General Idea, Group Material, Kelley, Kern, Kienholz, Kippenberger, Lawler, Lieberman, van Lieshout, Longo, Mapplethorpe, McGill, Pettibon, Phillips, Ray, Ronay, Rosen, Rosler, Saul, Shames, Shaw, Verna, Witenstein, Wohnseifer

  16. robert cozzolino says:

    Hey BAS — I am your direct line to Peter Saul! He’s having a show at PAFA and teaching a class here this summer. Call me, kids!

  17. Mensch — go to PAFA then, SOMEONE, and interview Saul and Cozzolino together! That would be great!

  18. Tom Sanford says:

    yesterday Amanda and I had a really great interview with Peter Saul – almost an hour long, he was really sweat and great. once it is edited it will be a really good BaS.

  19. Wow! I look forward to it!

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