Episode 153: Duncan in Philadelphia

August 3, 2008 · Print This Article

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This week Duncan adventures beyond the known and takes on Philadelphia’s artworld with the Help of the crew at funnelpages.com and Flux Space. They check in with Flux Space, Little Berlin, Bambi Gallery, PIFAS, Art Making Machine, Vox Populi, Kelly and Weber Fine Art and 1026. The conclusion… Philadelphia is a magical land but don’t leave anything valuable in your car.
Dustin Metz
Three Walls

Jessica Roberts
Chad Muthard
Funnel Pages

Sarah O’Donnell
Conor Fields
Big, Red and Shiny
Glass Tire
Art Fag City
Kristen Neville
Dear Rain Drop
Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study
Art Making Machine
Joseph DiGiuseppe
Christopher Golas
Joshua Kerner
John Con
The Shining
Mark Mothersbaugh
Pew Fellowships in the Arts
Walt Disney
Eric Johnson
Deitch Projects
Owen Osborn
Greg Kelly
Daniel Petraitis
Ice Box
Steve Weber
Philadelphia Independent
R.E.Load Bags
Institute for Contemporary Art Philadelphia
Brandon Joyce
Brandon Joyce
Bambi Gallery
Kelly and Weber Fine Art
Space 1026
Chris Klein
Aayron Hosleton
Vox Populi
Amy Adams
Jamie Dillon
Stefan Abrams
Anita Allyn
Josh Rickards
James Johnson
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13 thoughts on “Episode 153: Duncan in Philadelphia”

  1. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Duncan — If you’re still there — check out Gallery Joe… a great works on paper space.

  2. What a great name for a gallery too.

  3. Richard says:

    Duncan is back, I had to bail him out of Belmont Station a couple days ago. He is so much trouble when his wife is out of town.

  4. It was fun to get an intro to a “new” area, that is a specific subsection of the artworld unfamiliar to me, and one that appears to be healthy. Keep up contact and let’s hear from other places too.

  5. Bill Dolan says:

    I hope Duncan got to try the bologna sandwiches while he was in lock-up. I heard they are to die for.

  6. Richard says:

    MSB I agree (on that note when can we expect the next piece from you?).

    We should get new correspondents. Anyone interested?

  7. Richard says:

    One response thus far, c’mon people, do a story, send it in. All we ask is for something of reasonable length (say 10-15 minutes to start) recorded clearly, send it in. If it is decent quality we’ll run it! Here is you chance to say what you have to say.

  8. katie sehr says:

    i think you need a buffalo correspondent.
    hmmmmmm…………who could that be?

  9. Richard says:

    Sign up. Buffalo is one of the fastest shrinking cities in the US so you had better hurry!

  10. katie sehr says:

    did you sign? send me a kit.

  11. Richard says:

    e-mail us badatsports@gmail.com we’d love to have you.

  12. robert cozzolino says:

    Hey D — you came to Philly and you didn’t look me up? What gives, brah?

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